The Crow

The crow is an ancient, mythic creature who lives in a nest in the Axis Mundi, tree of the world. The crow has observed the world for so long that he has developed great knowledge.

When The Witch steals his memory, he is brain-broken, and spends centuries trying to re-assemble his mind. The crow is believed to meddle in human affairs and is often associated for disasters.

The Narrator

The Narrator is the builder of the shrine, through which he tells the history of his tribe, The People of The Witch , who are outcasts, suspected of psychic ability.

We meet The Narrator as he is inducted into the medical fortress of The Doc, where research is being conducted on cranial implants, psychic sea creatures and cryogenics. The Narrator is both frightened and fascinated by what he witnesses at the Doc’s facility.

The Witch

The Witch is the great matriarch of her tribe, The People of The Witch, A.K.A. The Noble Head-hunters. In her youth she studied psychic sea creatures and gained vast knowledge when she stole The Crow’s memory, from his nest, high up in the branches of The Axis Mundi.

She is married to The Head-hunter, a narcoleptic psychopath and is aunty to a vast multitude of nephews and nieces, including The Twins and The Narrator. She has great hatred for The Doc, who is experimenting on her people.

She instructs the Narrator to build the shrine, which is represented in The Gubu Saga Instillation.

The Doc

The Doc is conducting experiments on psychic sea creatures and his patients, which focus on cryogenics and direct mind to mind communication. These experiments lead ultimately to the creation of The New World Mind.

He accidentally made the Twins when an experiment went arii . He is The Witch’s enemy And is an object of fear, hatred and fascination.

The Head-hunter

The Head-hunter is a narcoleptic psychopath. He is the founding father of The People of The Witch, A.K.A. The Noble Head-hunters. He greatly enjoys cutting of the heads of his enemies and hanging around at home with his wife, The Witch, whom he loves very dearly. He has a great many nephews and nieces but his favourites are The Twins, even though they steal his whiskey.

The Twins

The Twins are brightly coloured, with salamander dappled skin, space mittens and snooty booties (Their patented footwear start-up). The Doc “made” them during an experiment that went arii. There is some suggestion he accidentally swapped their heads.

The Witch is their aunt (Aunty Witch). She minds them and can remove the staples from their mouths so they can scream, shout and gorge themselves on cake and sweets. But, strangely, she only does this temporarily. She also gets them to run errands for her in her war with the Doc.

The Twins also love their uncle, the Head hunter, (Uncle Sleepy). They bring him his whiskey then steal it once he falls asleep. They like to wander through time/space. Luckily they are tied together so they don’t get lost.

The Sea Creatures

It is long known that some sea creatures possess psychic ability. The Witch studied creatures of the sea and they are associated with an aspect of her magic. Later in the timeline The Doc conducted experiments on the sea creatures, sometimes connecting them to his patients by wires and cranial implants, for direct psychically enhanced mind to mind communication.

The Twins also love their uncle, the Head hunter, (Uncle Sleepy). They bring him his whiskey then steal it once he falls asleep. They like to wander through time/space. Luckily they are tied together so they don’t get lost.

The New World Mind

The New World Mind is a vast telepathic internet connecting all living things. It is the ultimate evolution of The Technium and the destiny of life. Everything will be measured, marked and connected. All are connected but some are more connected than others. The New World Mind will be a universal mind of great power. In the circularity of the Pre-beginning, it will shape conditions before the Big bang, to necessitate its own evolution.

In Gubu Saga, The Doc’s experiments help to develop the New World Mind and many of the Gubu dolls have cranial implants or wires hanging from their heads.

“Seek, seek ,seek and find
Order in The New World Mind.
Seek, seek, seek and find,
Order in The New World Mind.”

The Axis Mundi

The Axis Mundi features in many religions and mystical belief systems. It is the Tree of Life. It is the axel of the world. It is the cross of Jesus, the haggard tree on Becket’s stage, the Christmas tree and the tree type diagrams used to show life and evolution in science books. It is all trees.

The Technium

The Technium is the sum total of all technology, both the physical objects and the ideas pertaining to them.

“And The Technium spread like ivy along the branches of The Axis Mundii, until all was connected and The New World Mind began.”

In A Lab Called Hope For The Future

The Doc’s experiments, on his patients, cryogenic heads and psychic sea creatures, didn’t always go to plan. But The Doc and his subjects did, in their way, contribute to the creation of The New World Mind.

Sexy Sky People

From the heavens, in elegant sky-craft, come the Sexy Sky People, to bring love and delight to the terrestrial population.

Those Who Will Not Be Silenced

Some people can’t keep their mouths shut. They say what needs to be said and what probably shouldn’t. They speak truth to power and to random people on buses. In a world of increasing connectivity, it’s almost subversive to use your voice., to disconnect and shout.

Children of A Future Repentance

The Children Of A Future Repentance will repent, absolutely, you can be sure of it. As indeed they will insist on the repentance of others. For  repentance, like judgment is ever drawing near. They follow various mystery cults, based  around the Technium and The New World Mind.


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