Jarred creatures from The Shrine are distributed among us and finding their ways to new homes. Commemorating the world they once lived in.  

Each one is unique, just like each one of us is unique, but they belong to different species.
Three types of species are among us:

1. The Sea Creatures

2. Those Who Suffer for Future

3. The Children of the Future

If you own one of them, know its unique, and one of a kind. Treat it with care, and most important: Never open the jar!

The Sea Creatures


The Sea creatures, well, resemble sea creatures –

  • They have big mouths, either full of sharp teeth or (wisely) sewn shut.
  • They’re often bright and multi-colored but can be a doll whitish color.
  • They often have fins or tentacles.

“When the Witch was a bright young witch
She had two gleaming eyes

She studied psychic sea creatures
And craved knowledge of the skies”
 – Ballad of the Witch

“He connected creatures of the sea
To psychic creatures like me

The doc was a true man of vision”
 – Song of the Narrator

Remember the sea creatures, great and small, of the depths and the shallows. They bring knowledge from the depths to the glistening waters of the surface.
Remember they inspired The Great Witch and the first civilization.
Remember they became participants in The Doc’s experiments, whereby he connected creatures of the sea to his patients using cranial implants and direct brain-to-brain wiring.
These great experiments, allowed the development of direct mind-to-mind communication, which was the first step in the creation of The New World Mind, a vas psychic internet, connecting all life in a communication’s web of pure thought.

Those who suffer for future


  • They are identified by the rope wrapped around their eyes, blindfolding them.
  • They also have rope gags in their mouths.
  • Their clothes are often raggedy
  • They wear rusty metal items around their necks.  

“Remember those that suffer now for future
And the experiments that they were subjects in
And The Doc in his great healing house

Where The New World Mind did begin
Where The New World Mind did begin”

And remember those that suffered for future, the ones who became participants in the great experimentations of The Doc. In his fortress of healing and medical improvement. Without their sacrifice the experiment could not have succeeded. Remember these experiments. While they used archaic technology and ancient cranial implants, they did allow the initial development of direct, albeit primitive, mind-to-mind communication.

Those who suffered for future were chosen as the first to experience it. It was their privilege. Their mouths are gagged, as they were the pioneers, venturing into the juxtaposition between pure silence and complete communication. Though they have been silenced, their voices are still heard in The New World Mind.

The Children of the Future


  • They have simple faces with no nose.
  • They have cranial implants and wires hanging down from above their left eyes.
  • Often they are in raggedy clothes
  • They will have rusty metal items hanging around their necks or otherwise attached to them.

“In the space between One and Zero
The Children of the Future Dream”

The Children of the Future arose from the experiments of The Doc. They developed, to some extent, from Those Who Suffer for Future and were the first tech enabled population.

They had been improved with cranial implants and were blessed with complete connectivity. They are seen with wires or tech protruding from their heads. Their lips are symbolically sealed as they inhabit the juxtaposition between pure silent and complete connectivity.

They are part of The New World Mind, a vast psychic internet connecting all life in pure mind-to-mind communication.

“Seek seek seek and find

Order in The New World Mind

Seek seek seek and find

Order in The New World Mind

Seek seek seek and find

Order in The New World Mind”


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The Dolls

There are a limited number of dolls available from Mange in Temple Bar and Gallery X, Dublin

The dolls are art objects not toys and need to be handle as such.

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