The GUBU SAGA Installation is a novel using physical objects instead of words. It is about 20 square meters and contains around 600 dolls in jars, arranged in a progression of 60 diorama type sections, forming a readable story. The plot concerns The Narrator, a fictional character, instructed to build a shrine in memory of his people. Being a novel, the Saga is constructed using literary ideas and a ‘character art’, in which the artist gets into the character of The Narrator, using the materials and ideas available to him, given the fictional time and place.


For any informationm about the art installation, novel, or dolls please email

Now on permanent exhibition at

11 Hume St, 
Dublin 2. D02 T889

The Dolls

There are a limited number of dolls available from Mange in Temple Bar and Gallery X, Dublin

The dolls are art objects not toys and need to be handle as such.

GUBU Saga - The novel